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The Grand Valley is a place of big dreams. But with each passing year, those dreams for our families, lives, and futures grow ever more elusive. People across our community are seeing economic mobility evaporate and basic lifelines like good wages and job choices, healthcare, an affordable home, childcare, and a chance to save for the future escape their grasp. Time and again, folks turn to the only option they have: crushing debt. 

The same old answers aren't working. They're not even holding back the floodwaters anymore. 

I'm a lifelong small business entrepreneur, but I've also been on the frontlines of these issues as a citizen advocate for decades, working with our local nonprofits to tackle healthcare issues, build coalitions for a better vision for our economy, take care of our vulnerable youth and seniors, and win investment in the kinds of public services and amenities that enrich our lives and opportunity here. 

I'm running to continue that service of building community trust and bringing people together as your State Representative in District 55. 

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